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Lénárd Tünde, Horn Dániel és Kiss Hubert János cikke az Economic Letters áprilisi számában

Does politicizing ‘gender’ influence the possibility of conducting academic research? Evidence from a randomized controlled trial

Volume 189, April 2020


  • Our aim is to assess the willingness to cooperate in a gender-related research.
  • Earlier, the Hungarian government has generated a sentiment against gender studies.
  • We conduct a randomized experiment measuring the effect of an information treatment.
  • Mentioning gender as our topic decreases the probability of consent by 9-19% points.
  • We show that the aversion is against gender and not against social inequalities.


We detect a significant negative effect of mentioning ‘gender’ as a research topic on conducting academic research in Hungary. Using a randomized information treatment involving a comprehensive sample of Hungarian education providers we find that they are less willing to cooperate in a gender-related future research compared to a research without this specification. Our results also indicate that this negative sentiment is clearly against gender and not against any topic covering social inequalities in general.