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Megjelent az OECD új kiadványa Havas Attila szakértői közreműködésével

Optimising the operation and use of national research infrastructures - OECD SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND INDUSTRY POLICY PAPERS - August 2020 - No. 91

Research Infrastructures (RIs) play a key role in enabling and developing research in all scientific domains and represent an increasingly large share of research investment. Most RIs are funded, managed and operated at a national or federal level, and provide services mostly to national research communities.This policy report presents a generic framework for improving the use and operation of national RIs. It includes two guiding models, one for portfolio management and one for user-base optimisation. These guiding models lay out the key principles of an effective national RI portfolio management system and identify the factors that should be considered by RI managers with regards to optimising the user-base of national RIs. Both guiding models take into consideration the diversity of national systems and RI operation approaches. This report also contains a series of more generic policy recommendations and suggested actions for RI portfolio managers and RI managers.