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Éltető Andrea és Sass Magdolna közreműködésével megjelent az Effects of Industry 4.0 on FDI in the Visegrád countries projekt zárótanulmánya

This project has been funded by the Visegrad Fund - Project ID#21920068.

As our project  comes to an end we are very happy to announce that the Final Report “EFFECTS OF INDUSTRY 4.0 ON FDI IN THE VISEGRÁD COUNTRIES” coauthored by Marta Götz, Andrea Éltető, Magdolna Sass, Jana Vlčková, Andrea Zacharová, Sonia Ferencikova, Josef Bič, Magdalena Kaczkowska-Serafińska is out (electronic version only). 

It offers a broader insight into the impact the Industry 4.0 could exert on foreign direct investments flowing to Visegrad countries and discusses the implications of digital transformation on firms’ competitiveness and host locations’ attractiveness. 

We hope you will find this publication interesting and wish you a happy reading! Project Team