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Varjú Viktor és Mezei Cecília írása a European Spatial Research and Policy legutóbbi számában

European Spatial Research and Policy - Volume 27 (2020) No. 2 - Guest Editor: Viktor Varjú


Viktor VARJÚ: Foreword


Viktor VARJÚ, Cecília MEZEI, Csaba VÉR

Local resource-based development potential as reflected in waste management/circularity transition: Governance barriers in Hungary


Waste as alocal resource is adevelopment opportunity for resource owners as waste may act as afoundation for bottom-up development at local levels. This paper presents the most impor-tant governance challenges that hamper aparadigmatic change in resource efficiency, atransition to-wards circular economy in the case of Pécs (Hungary). In recent years waste management infrastruc-ture has evolved to provide resource potentials for recycling and reuse, this is afirst step towards a (circularity) transition, however, the centralisation of power is hampering local transitions. The article concludes by arguing that in Pécs (Hungary), the transition towards alocal resource-based development is impeded by amyriad of legal, institutional and administrative obstacles created by recent efforts towards institutionalisation.

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