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Braun Erik, Iloskics Zita és szerzőtársaik cikke a Regional Statistics friss számában

Regional Statistics, Vol. 11. No. 2. 2021 - A KSH Területi Statisztika c. folyóiratának negyedévente megjelenő angol nyelvű változata

Spatial and institutional dimensions of research collaboration:
a multidimensional profiling of European regions

Sebestyén Tamás – Braun Erik – Iloskics Zita – Varga Attila

This study extends previous research byproviding a large-scale analysis of FrameworkProgram collaboration patterns from amultidimensional perspective. We usedetailed data on Framework Programcooperation to map research collaborationpatterns across European regions, focusingon the intensity between industry andresearch institutions. Using these data, weprofile European NUTS3 regions along theinstitutional and spatial dimensions of theircollaboration networks. The results show thatcooperation intensities correlate among types of collaboration: most of the regions areeither weakly or strongly cooperative alongmost of the cooperation dimensions.However, a significant group of moderatelydeveloped regions shows selectivecollaboration patterns, mostly with an external focus.