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Új nemzetközi kiadvány jelent meg Gerőcs Tamás és Ricz Judit szerkesztésében a Palgrave Macmillan kiadónál

Part of the International Political Economy Series book series (IPES). First Online: 15 May 2021. This volume brings together a collection of selected original research conducted in the framework of the research project ‘From developmental states to new protectionism: changing repertoire of state interventions to promote development in an unfolding new world order’ (FK 124573) supported by the National Research, Development and Innovation Office (NRDIO) of Hungary. Keywords: uneven development, crisis, global periphery, international political economy, developmental policy-making

The Post-Crisis Developmental State

Perspectives from the Global Periphery

                                                            Tamás Gerőcs & Judit Ricz
Chapters written by our researchers: