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Hermann Zoltán szerzőtársaival írt cikke megjelent a The European Journal of Health Economics szakfolyóiratban


Measuring the acceptability of EQ-5D-3L health states for different ages: a new adaptive survey methodology

, Márta Péntek, László Gulácsi, Irén Anna Kopcsóné Németh & Zsombor Zrubka 



Acceptable health and sufficientarianism are emerging concepts in health resource allocation. We defined acceptability as the proportion of the general population who consider a health state acceptable for a given age. Previous studies surveyed the acceptability of health problems separately per EQ-5D-3L domain, while the acceptability of health states with co-occurring problems was barely explored.


To quantify the acceptability of 243 EQ-5D-3L health states for six ages from 30 to 80 years: 1458 health state–age combinations (HAcs), denoted as the acceptability set of EQ-5D-3L.