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Samir Amin and the Changing of the World

Published online: 06 Jul 2022

This article examines the answers that Samir Amin, a well-known theorist of the Third World, gave to three questions: why, how and by whom the global capitalist system must be changed. Among other topics, the article outlines Amin’s theory of unequal development, the generalized monopolies, the five privileges of the global centre, Eurocentrism, “delinking,” “long transition,” progressive nationalism, and the global class structure. Amin’s participation in the fight for the emancipation of developing countries and of all of the world’s oppressed social classes will also be addressed, as will his last call for a global alliance of workers and the people.

KEYWORDS: Samir Amin, delinking, generalized monopolies, long transition, unequal development