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Ricz Judit és szerzőtársa új cikke megjelent a Review of Evolutionary Political Economy szakfolyóiratban


Industrial symbiosis and industrial policy
for sustainable development in Uganda

Gergely Buda & Judit Ricz 





The aim of this article is to analyze how the concept of circular economy and especially the business model of industrial symbiosis can contribute to sustainable development in Uganda. We aim to add to emerging debates around green industrial policies by shedding light on a low-cost solution that can potentially promote a more sustainable industrialization in the Sub-Saharan African context. After sketching the regulatory and policy environment in Uganda, three indicative examples of industrial symbiosis in Uganda are analyzed, based on the result of field research and an online survey. We have found significant mismatch between the supply side of green industrial policies in Uganda (government aims and measures), and the demand side, what local green entrepreneurs would need to improve their competitiveness. Only an incentive and regulatory framework, that takes into account local specificities, builds upon the exploration of existing local good practices and incorporates bottom-up initiatives can successfully promote green development in low-income economies.