Varjú Viktor, Bodor Ákos és Grünhut Zoltán tanulmánya megjelent a City, Culture and Society folyóiratban

    How does place matter in circular/waste management transition? Comparison of five European peri-urban regionsfrom the view of stakeholders’ perspective     Viktor Varjú – Ákos Bodor – Zoltán Grünhut   City, Culture and Society  – Volume 34, September 2023   Highlights Stakeholders’ perceptions represent their cultural embeddedness Circular economy transitions differ regionally and […]

Megjelent Szalavetz Andrea és szerzőtársa új tanulmánya a Socio-Economic Review folyóiratban

    The financialization of corporate venture capital investment? The corporation as a venture capitalist  Andrea Szalavetz, Nicolas Sauvage  Socio-Economic Review, Advance article, Published:  27 June 2023    Abstract Recent trends in corporate venture capital (CVC) activities have added to the size and complexity of the financial system. Intuition suggests that in a period marked by spectacularly […]

Keller Tamás és szerzőtársai új cikke megjelent az American Journal of Sociology szakfolyóiratban

    Rearranging the Desk Chairs: A Large Randomized Field Experiment  on the Effects of Close Contact on Interethnic Relations   Felix Elwert, Tamás Keller and Andreas Kotsadam  American Journal of Sociology – Volume 128, Number 6 Abstract Contact theory predicts that interethnic exposure reduces antiminority discrimination. By contrast, conflict theory predicts that interethnic exposure worsens discrimination. […]