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Benedek Márton, Biró Péter és szerzőtársaik új cikke megjelent a Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research folyóiratban


The Complexity of Matching Games: A Survey

Marton Benedek, Peter Biro, Matthew Johnson,
Daniel Paulusma, Xin Ye


 Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (JAIR) Vol. 77 (2023) pp. 459-485



Matching games naturally generalize assignment games, a well-known class of cooperative games. Interest in matching games has grown recently due to some breakthrough results and new applications. This state-of-the-art survey provides an overview of matching games and extensions, such as b-matching games and partitioned matching games; the latter originating from the emerging area of international kidney exchange. In this survey we focus on computational complexity aspects of various game-theoretical solution concepts, such as the core, nucleolus and Shapley value, when the input is restricted to a matching game or one of its variants.