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Horeczki Réka burgenlandi kisvárosokról írt cikke megjelent az MTA Pécsi Területi Bizottsága tanulmánykötetében


The Role of Cultural Heritage in the Development
of Small Towns in Burgenland

Réka Horeczki

p. 111-116


The purpose of the study. To examine the factors that influence the innovative and sustainable use of cultural heritage in small towns and the contribution of cultural heritage protection to the development of small towns.
Applied methods. Literature review including the history of small town in Burgenland and the evolution of the concept of cultural heritage. We involved sources from monographies, census records and own experiencies of study trips. The research framework is Burgenland’s small towns. Outcomes. The study highlights the specificity of the concept of cultural heritage in Central-Europe, in which the economic-socio-environmental classification of theories is also valid. The opportunity for culture-based development of small towns in Burgenland is presented as an opportunity, requiring an integrated approach: the strategic use of cultural resources in development is presented as an economic potential.

Keywords: Burgenland, small town, cultural heritage, development



Explorations into the Social and Economic History of Hungary from the 18th to 21st Century

Studies on Economic and Social History from Southern Transdanubia III.

Edited by Zoltán Kaposi, Virág Rab

Published in 2023
by Working Group of Economic and Social History Regional Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Pécs