Sipos László és szerzőtársai cikke online megjelent a Chemosphere szakfolyóiratban

  Potentially toxic trace elements in bee bread, propolis, beeswax and royal jelly – A review of the literature and dietary risk assessment   Rita Végh, Mariann Csóka, Zsuzsanna Mednyánszky, László Sipos   Chemosphere   Available online 18 July 2023, In Press, Journal Pre-proof  Highlights Propolis and bee bread are better indicators of pollution than […]

Running Out of Bank Runs – megjelent Kiss Hubert János és szerzőtársai cikke

Running Out of Bank Runs Jan Libich, Dat Thanh Nguyen & Hubert Janos Kiss Published: 16 July 2023 – Journal of Financial Services Research  Abstract The theoretical literature on bank runs has modeled depositors’ withdrawal decision as a one-off choice, made simultaneously by all depositors. Our game-theoretic framework gives depositors a heterogeneous, stochastic opportunity to change their minds about […]