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Grünhut Zoltán, Varjú Viktor és Bodor Ákos a klíma-barát magatartás egyéni motivációit vizsgálja új cikkében


Climate Concern and Pro-Environmental Behaviour

in the Light of Trust

Sustainability 2023, Volume 15, Issue 19 (October-1 2023)
  Published: 2 October 2023
This article belongs to the Section Air, Climate Change and Sustainability.



When exploring individual motivations of pro-climate behaviour, researchers investigate a multitude of factors, including the role of trust. Based on the empirical results obtained to date, the literature does not paint a uniform picture regarding the strength of the relationship between trust and environmental awareness. Using a large-scale, representative survey conducted in Hungary in June–July 2022, the present study—based on a data analysis—provides an answer to the question of how much the trust of the individual motivates the given individual to take pro-climate action. The results of the study show that most of the respondents cannot be viewed as pro-climate actors in spite of the fact that, in the meantime, they are concerned about climate change. Most of them are mistrustful of their fellow human beings, in other words they think that protecting the climate and taking action against climate change is not particularly important for others. One of the most important conclusions that may be drawn from the analyses is that trust influences both pro-environment/pro-climate action, and the intent to act. Research results confirm the general conclusion that supporting and increasing social trust would have a beneficial effect on more effective action against environmental challenges.
Keywords: climate change; trust–behaviour relations; pro-climate concern; pro-climate action
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