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Climate Change, Pressures, and Adaptation Capacities of Farmers: Empirical Evidence from Hungary

Lennert József, Kovács Katalin, Koós Bálint, Váradi Monika Mária, Kovács András Donát és társszerzők


Climate Change, Pressures, and Adaptation Capacities of Farmers:
Empirical Evidence from Hungary

by József Lennert, Katalin Kovács, Bálint Koós, Nigel Swain, Csaba Bálint, Eszter Hamza, Gábor Király, Katalin Rácz, Monika Mária Váradi, András Donát Kovács
Horticulturae 2024, 10(1), 56 – Published: 6 January 2024


This paper aims to analyze comprehensively the climate exposure, sensitivity, perception, adaptive capacity, vulnerability, and resilience of the Hungarian agricultural sector, particularly focusing on fruit, vegetable, and grape producers. Four distinct Hungarian case studies were examined, representing different regions with diverse environmental and socioeconomic conditions. The research combined quantitative and qualitative methods, including statistical and GIS analysis of climate, agricultural, and socioeconomic data, as well as field research and semi-structured interviews. The study investigated exposure, sensitivity, perception, and adaptation, leading to the identification of key components and influencing factors. Qualitative research revealed that farms operating in geographically close proximity, in the same regulatory and support environment, can have different adaptive capacities. In the current state of the adaptation process, the extent to which farmers can rely on supportive professional networks and seek out and adopt new practices is crucial. Field experience suggests that without a strong and supportive producer organization (extension network), farmers may prefer to resort to extensification (afforestation) to mitigate production risks. From a development policy perspective, it is worthwhile to present good practices and provide information on possible adaptation techniques through existing local sectoral organizations.
  • climate change; 
  • Hungary; 
  • horticulture; 
  • field research;
  • exposure;
  • sensitivity;
  • perception;
  • adaptive capacity;
  • vulnerability;
  • resilience