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Czina Veronika, Szigetvári Tamás és Túry Gábor könyvfejezete megjelent

az Enlargement and the Future of Europe című kiadványban



Enlargement at All Costs? A View from Hungary

Veronika Czina, Tamás Szigetvári & Gábor Túry 


In: Kaeding, M., Pollak, J., Schmidt, P. (eds) Enlargement and the Future of Europe . Springer, Cham. Chapter pp 55–59. – First Online:




The current Hungarian foreign policy is committed to the integration of the Western Balkan countries and has been supportive in this regard ever since the country first gained European Union (EU) Membership in 2004. Hungary borders the Western Balkans and hence the region’s stability is crucial in both political and economic senses. However, compared to its previous strategy, the EU is now more cautious, preferring a stricter conditionality and slower accession for (potential) candidate countries. By contrast, Hungary is keen to speed up enlargement and would not only want to accelerate the process, but would also prefer to ease accession conditions. Nevertheless, it is recognised that rapid enlargement could undermine the entire European integration project’s internal cohesion and thus do more harm than good.