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Miklós Somai about the Brexit

In: Aleksandra Borowicz, Malgorzata Dziembala, Anna Maslon-Oracz, Ewa Latoszek (ed.): European Union and its Law, Policy and Economy: Internal and External Dimensions. CeDeWu Sp. z o.o., 1st Edition, Warsaw 2020.

The Brexit process and its impact on EU policies and institutions

The present paper focuses on two main areas: first, it seeks to assess the impact of  British  withdrawal  on  various  common  policies  (like  trade  policy  and  common budget) and institutions; second, it draws attention to the fact that the way in which Article 50 negotiations were conducted in itself provides a great deal of insight into the very functioning of today’s EU. The process suffers from a multitude of problems which have largely contributed to the fact that criticisms about the EU proved to be justified in the eyes of a signifi cant part of the British society, ever more determined to quit. Against this background, the future of the EU depends, to a large extent, on the ability to draw the right lessons from Brexit and find the best ways to move forward.

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