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Co-authored study from Márton Benedek in the journal titled Internet of Things

Volume 11, September 2020

Reliability-as-a-Service for bearing risk assessment investigated with advanced mathematical models

Jan-M.Brandt, Márton Benedek, Jeffrey S.Guerin, Jörg Fliege


As a key player in bearing service life, the lubricant chemistry has a profound effect on bearing reliability. To increase the reliability of bearings, an Industrial Analytics solution is proposed for proactive condition monitoring and this is delivered via a Reliability-as-a-Serviceapplication. The performance predictions of bearings rely on customized algorithms with the main focus on digitalizing lubricant chemistry; the principles behind these processes are outlined in this study. Subsequently, independent testing is performed to confirm the ability of the presented Industrial Analytics solution for such predictions. By deciphering the chemical compounds of lubricants and characteristics of the interface, the Industrial Analytics solution delivers a precise bearing reliability assessment a priori to predict service life of the operation. Bearing tests have shown that the classification system of this Industrial Analytics solution is able to predict 12 out of 13 bearing failures (92%). The described approach provides a proactive bearing risk classification that allows the operator to take immediate action in reducing the failure potential during smooth operation – preventing any potential damage from occurring. For this purpose, a mathematical model is introduced that derives a set of classification rules for oil lubricants, based on linear binary classifiers (support vector machines) that are applied to the chemical compound’s mixture data.