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Book chapters by Miklós Szanyi and Miklós Somai in Central and Eastern Europe – 30 years of capitalism 1989-2019

In: Prof. Krzysztof Jasiecki (ed.): Central and Eastern Europe - 30 years of capitalism 1989-2019. Variations of Market Economy - Comparative Study - 16 Countries of The Region. China-CEE Institute Nonprofit Ltd., Budapest, December 2020.

This book presents the results of the project, which main goal was to identify the key directions, institutional distinguishing features and results of economic and social development of selected Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries, which for the three decades have been carrying out systemic changes after the collapse of the command and distribution economy. The results are also characterised by the key issues and challenges facing both individual countries and subregions of this part of Europe.

Chapters: Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia

Author: Miklós Szanyi

3.1.2 – Hungary: from pioneering transition to pioneering state capitalism (pp. 65-83.)
3.3.1 – Bulgaria (pp. 194-209)
3.3.3 – Romania (pp. 229-243)


Author: Miklós Somai

3.3.4 – Slovenia

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