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New thematic issue of DETUROPE – edited by Ildikó Egyed and Szilárd Rácz


Deturope – the Central European Journal of Regional Development and Tourism

Volume 13, Issue 2, 2021

The publication provides a selection of papers presented at the 18th Annual Meeting of the Hungarian Regional Science Association (HRSA) entitled Opportunities of core and peripheral regions for their sustainable future.
The first paper in the current issue presents a thorough report on the scientific

conference, prepared by the editors, Szilárd Rácz and Ildikó Egyed.

Opportunities of core and peripheral regions in Central Europe
(Ildikó Egyed, Szilárd Rácz)
Post-Millennial Visegrád Four Geopolitics: Illiberalism and Positionality within the EU
(James Wesley Scott)
Impacts and potential of autonomous vehicles in tourism
(Katalin Ásvanyi, Tamás Gyulavári, Melinda Jászberényi, László Kökény, Márk Miskolczi, Jhanghiz Syahrivar)
Small town development in peripheral areas
(Ildikó Egyed, Réka Horeczki)
Cohesion policy challenges and discovery in 2021– 2027. The case of Hungary
(Tamás Gordos, Viktória Józsa, Pál Szabó)
Practical experiences, regulatory principles and issues of the territorial delimitation of development policy in Hungary
(Péter Dombi, István Finta)
Tackling the measurement of cross-border cooperation intensity: an empirical example on the Hungary-Croatia border
(Zoltán Pámer)