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Presentations by the researchers of the Institute for Regional Studies at the Time for Geographers Congress in Paris

UGI-IGU 2022

Time for Geographers

The centennial Congress

100th Congress of the International Geographical Union

Paris, 17-22 July 2022


Presentations by the researchers of the Institute for Regional Studies:

Balogh Péter: The difference that being inside or outside can make: Geopolitical imaginaries in Transcarpathia, Ukraine
Balogh Péter: ‘Beyond the Pass’: The revival and meaning of phantom borders in Transcarpathia, Ukraine
Brucker Balázs: Alternative platforms of the European Parliament and the Committee of Regions for the representation of interests of peripheral areas
Brucker Balázs – Finta István: The opportunities for rural and peripheral areas to assert their interests at EU level
Gál Zoltán: Core-Peripher relationships from a geoeconomic perspective: economic dependencies of Central and Eastern Europe
Hajdú Zoltán: Consequences of the dissolutions of multi-ethnic European socialist countries in the Carpathian Basin on state border connections, 1991-2020
Horeczki Réka: Small town’s governance challanges in Hungarian peripherial areas
Lados Gábor: The connection between FDI and labor migration in the Visegrad countries 
Nagy Imre: Development of cross-border co-operation at the EU’s external borders on the example of Serbia and neighbouring regions
Pálné Kovács Ilona: Governance challanges of peripherial areas
Pámer Zoltán: Centres and peripheries reflected in distribution patterns of EU Cohesion policy funding in Baranya county, Hungary
Reményi Péter: Hungary in the Western Balkans
Varjú Viktor: Climate change and belonging in the UK, Israel and Hungary, with a special focus to Hungary

Session chairs:

Horeczki Réka – Pálné Kovács Ilona: Governance challanges in peripherial areas