A book chapter by Kálmán Kalotay and Csaba Weiner is published in Emerging Market Multinationals Report 2022

    Kalotay, K., Weiner, C. (2022). The impact of sanctions on Russian business abroad and Hungarian business in Russia: Parallel stories of adjustment.   In: Casanova, L., Miroux, A. (Eds.) Emerging Market Multinationals Report 2022: Reinventing Global Value Chains. Ithaca, NY: Emerging Markets Institute, S.C. Johnson College of Business, Cornell University: pp. 110-117. https://doi.org/10.7298/9j27-ng36   […]

New research article by Petra Kinga Kézai and János Rechnitzer in Regional Statistics

Performance of enterprises in cultural and creative industries in large Hungarian cities between 2008 and 2018 Petra Kinga Kézai – János Rechnitzer Regional Statistics, Volume 13, Number 1, 2023: 167–198 Publisher: Hungarian Central Statistical Office Published: in English four times a year. Unquestionably, the creative economy’s weight and importance in nation-states’ economies are increasing. This […]