A study by our researchers published in Eurochoices is one of Wiley’s top downloaded article

The Kings of the Corona Crisis: The Impact of the outbreak of Covid-19 on Small-scale Producers in Hungary  Zsófia Benedek, Pál Géza Balogh, Lajos Baráth, Imre Fertő,  Veronika Lajos, Éva Orbán, Gábor G. Szabó, Gusztáv Nemes First published: 07 February 2021 Volume19, Issue3 Special Issue: Covid‐19 Pandemic Impacts on Agri‐food Systems December 2020 Pages 53-59       is among Wiley’s  top downloaded article. […]

New article by Ágnes Szabó-Morvai and Anna Lovász in Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics

  Competition, Subjective Feedback, and Gender Gaps in Performance Anna Lovász – Boldmaa Bat-Erdene – Ewa Cukrowska-Torzewska – Mariann Rigó – Ágnes Szabó-Morvai Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics Available online 5 November 2022   Highlights • We test for gender differences in the response to competition (seeing a leaderboard) and to receiving subjective feedback […]

The effects of EU-funded enterprise grants on firms and workers – new paper by Balázs Muraközy and Álmos Telegdy

  The effects of EU-funded enterprise grants on firms and workers Balázs Muraközy – Álmos Telegdy  Journal of Comparative Economics Available online 24 September 2022,  In Press, Corrected Proof  Highlights This paper investigates the effects of EU-funded firm grants in Hungary. Grants generated new investment and led to higher labor productivity because of increased capital […]

Paper written by László Lőrincz & Brigitta Németh is out in European Journal of Population

  How Social Capital is Related to Migration Between Communities? László Lőrincz & Brigitta Németh European Journal of Population (2022) Open Access  – Published: 15 September 2022   Abstract In addition to economic and infrastructural factors, social connections of people also influence migration patterns. This influence can be attributed to the resources that are made available by […]

Temperature, Climate Change, and Fertility – book chapter by Tamás Hajdu & Gábor Hajdu

  Temperature, Climate Change, and Fertility Tamás Hajdu & Gábor Hajdu Handbook of Labor, Human Resources and Population Economics Editor:  Klaus F. ZimmermannSpringer International Publishing (2020) pp. 1-25. © 2022 Springer Nature Switzerland AG Abstract This chapter reviews the empirical literature on the effects of temperature and climate change on human pregnancies. The focus is […]