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KTI Szeminárium: Philipp Külpmann – Purified Randomness? Testing Harsanyi’s Idea in the Lab

The presentation will take place in a hybrid format via zoom interface or in person in the seminar room T.4.23 KTI on 30.05.2024, from 13.00.

Speaker: Philipp Külpmann

Title: Purified Randomness? Testing Harsanyi’s Idea in the Lab

Abstract: We investigate Harsanyi’s purification idea for mixed-strategy play in a simple (two-player normal-form) Bayesian game with two-sided private payoff perturbations. Using data from a laboratory experiment, we test if, as suggested by Harsanyi, subjects play a pure strategy in the perturbed games. Furthermore, we are the first who explicitly test cut-off strategies in Bayesian games.